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Had enough of computer problems and IT is a concern for you ?

At ARS, we help businesses solve their IT problems and move towards a proactive model that allows them to achieve and maintain stability.


Contact us and we will assess your situation to guide you to appropriate solutions.

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Contact us at 418 872-4744

Your IT problems are not getting resolved and are a real puzzle ?

Let us put it together for you ! With more than 400 000 interventions under our belt, we will solve your problems
with 100 % guaranteed results.

We will present you with an analysis of the situation from which will flow a step by step plan of action.

You will then be equipped to make the best decisions for your business.

Your IT costs are variable and unpredictable ?

You will be in control and be able to budget better.

Thanks to support as needed solution, a truly proactive and tailored consulting approach, you will have a safe, predictable, stable and performing environment.

You will have daily proof that the work you are paying for is getting done.

You do not want to lose any more data and put your business at risk ?

With us, you will know that your data is really backed up and protected because we will prove it.

You no longer have to manage daily backups.

Even in case of major breakdown, we will get you back up quickly, with 100 % guaranteed results.

You do not want to make the mistake of investing in the wrong places, but get a global vision of where to invest?

With our Strategic Business-IT Plan, you'll know where to invest, how much and why.

Each amount invested in the next three years will contribute to the growth of your business.

Your technology projects will be aligned with your business plan and we guarantee the results when the proposed method is followed !



As a business leader, I know that the availability of resources is important to you. At ARS, we are there when it counts and we take care of your environment as if it were our own. With us, you'll have peace of mind..

For me, technology should simplify work and contribute to the achievement of a company’s business goals. My mission is to help business leaders achieve concrete results by addressing technology differently from what is being done in the IT world today. Not to invest more, but invest differently, such as investing in services that bring value to the company.

I work mainly with companies where technology plays a critical role , that is to say whose business results depend directly on their effectiveness. I understand the importance that IT plays in business and their impact on organizations. That's why I built a process that allows me to guarantee 100% results when the recipe is followed.

Simon Fontaine, President

Professional and technical services

Client Testimonials

“We have achieved savings of 1.5M$ on a daring project in addition to fulfilling our mission. ARS will be with us for a long time”

André Cauchy, ing. map
IT Resources coordinator
Côte-du-Sud School Board
Over 6200 students

“We called upon ARS, people in whom we trust to support our team. We found peace of mind because we knew we were doing business with reliable people.”

Guy Bérubé, CPA
Vice-president Operations and CFO
ADS Inc. (Geotextiles)
Over 300 employees

« ARS has helped us be more alot more productive. ARS deserve to be known. »

Martin Bédard,
Président and founder, Protection Incendie GLB
More than 25 employees

SML Groupe Acier Inoxidable

« La technologies est importante pour nous sur plusieurs points. Notre production ne doit jamais arrêtée. Nos opérations sont très critiques. Nous n’avons pas eu d’arrêt depuis plusieurs années, depuis le temps que nous faisons affaires avec vous d’ailleurs. »

Frédéric Pelletier,
Plus de 200 employés


« ARS fait perpétuellement la démonstration que le travail est fait pour ce que l'on paie. »

Cendrine Cartegnie
Plus de 45 employés

"Nearly 20 years ago, our organization decided to trust ARS Solutions.

We sincerely believe that you have our best interests at heart by the monitoring and management of our infrastructure and the results obtained. Also know that we particularly appreciate the fact that, in all circumstances, you have always given us the facts and exercised a maximum of transparency.

We recommend ARS Solutions without hesitation to any company interested in working with an IT partner that is on the leading edge and meets its obligations.

Pierre-PothierPierre Pothier,
Vice-president, Information technology
CAA Québec
Over 1500 employees

Consultez notre Livre Blanc des coûts et services en TIC pour dirigeants d’entreprises.

Une initiative d’ARS Solutions réalisée en collaboration avec Inacre Conseil,
Provente RH et Joli-Cœur Lacasse, avocats (basée sur une étude effectuée auprès de 100 entreprises)


Lisez ce guide et il vous révèlera :

  • les trois services les plus utilisés en TIC avec les pour et les contre;
  • les 20 questions à poser à votre fournisseur TIC avant de lui donner accès à votre réseau, votre service de courriels et vos données corporatives;
  • comment savoir exactement ce que vous achetez, éviter les mauvaises surprises et les coûts non anticipés que vous aurez à payer plus tard;
  • les pratiques courantes de facturation qui placent TOUS LES RISQUES sur vous, le client, vous apprendrez pourquoi et comment éviter certains pièges et négocier vos contrats;
  • l'avis d'un expert en droit des technologies de l'information sur le Cloud

Téléchargez le Livre Blanc

(Un lien de téléchargement sera envoyé à
l'adresse indiquée)

ARS is more than 400 000 interventions in the businesses community for the past 25 years.

Our customers appreciate us for our diagnostic strength and recognize us for our expertise in solving complex problems. Our passion is to be challenged and to complete elaborate and audacious projects efficiently. We service companies and organizations across the province 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.