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Not having to worry about cybersecurity.
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ARS security experts prevent over 1,000 security incidents per year in manufacturing and professional service companies in Quebec.

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  • You’re looking for a global vision of your IT assets and the investments that need to be made, including cybersecurity
  • You feel vulnerable to a cyber attack
  • You’re experiencing recurring problems
  • You’re concerned that your employees are falling victim to phishing scams
  • Your competitors seem to have better IT solutions
  • You want cybersecurity insurance

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A cyber attack can permanently cripple an organization, and the chances of failure are much greater than those of making a full recovery. Even if you recover, you risk having to shut down your operations for several weeks, losing customers and jeopardizing your reputation. It’s less expensive to invest in proactive protections. And since most cyberattacks occur at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, you're not too small to be a target. It is no longer a question of if a violation will occur, but when.

Expert en Cybersécurité Québec pour vous aider
  • ARS has responded to more than 380,000 incidents for manufacturing and professional services companies in Quebec
  • We are 100% dedicated to companies from 50 to 1000 users
  • SWAT TEAM ready to respond in case of emergency
  • In-depth knowledge of manufacturing and complex multi-platform environments
  • Integration of proactive cybersecurity solutions
  • High-level support that minimizes your IT management time

The feeling that no one cares about you ends here.

We have what you need!

As your partner and IT consultant, ARS is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

your vulnerabilities

Reduce your vulnerabilities


Backup strategy

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Significantly reduce your risks

inefficiencies through process improvement

Eliminate inefficiencies

Nous optimisons votre infrastructure TI par l’intégration de solutions innovantes et évolutives qui supporteront votre croissance.

Promote your growth

Prenez des décisions

Make strategic decisions

Nous vous amenons une vision globale de vos TI et des investissements à favoriser sur 3 ans, incluant la cybersécurité.

Increase your IT’s ROI



best rated IT company in Quebec City


security incidents avoided in 2021


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responses and projects across Quebec

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"I have a better understanding of what I’m investing in and why...

We did a Strategic Planning exercise with ARS and I really liked how the structure is divided into two deliverables. I like the documentation to be business-oriented and separate from the technical documentation.

As a leader, I get an executive summary for my management committee, allowing ...Read More

“I have a better understanding of what I’m investing in and why…

Simon Pelletier
SML Stainless Steel Group

« If I had one thing to say about ARS, it would be “professional ethics''... EN

With cybercrime increasing every day, no organization is safe from breach attempts. Since we keep personal data, we needed a firm to accompany and advise through a security audit process and, if necessary, provide us with corrective measures.

ARS was recommended to us and ...Read More

« If I had one thing to say about ARS, it would be “professional ethics”… EN

Alex Bernier
Managing Director

« I am proud to see that, technologically speaking, Beauce-Atlas has outpaced its competitors...

ARS made our systems extremely reliable and presented us with solutions that made us more productive. The development in the factory and with robotics has not only simplified our customs documents, but also made them much more reliable and compliant at lightning speed. After 5 years, ...Read More

« I am proud to see that, technologically speaking, Beauce-Atlas has outpaced its competitors…

Germain Blais
Fabrication Beauce-Atlas

ARS Solutions is proud to partner with the best companies in the industry:

ARS is the only cybersecurity company in Quebec City with over 30 years of experience solving IT problems that no one else can. We excel in multi-platform environments for manufacturing companies as well as professional services and construction companies. We have over 15 years of experience in IT Strategic Planning. Our clients value our analytical and diagnostic skills in providing sound IT consulting services and implementing improvement solutions that deliver results. At ARS, we stand out for our high-level IT support. Whether it's managed IT services or co-managed services in collaboration with your internal team, our passion is to help you meet your challenges!

We have built multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the overall smooth operation of your IT operations with services that give you peace of mind: analysis and consulting, assistance in planning your IT investments, improvements to your IT and cybersecurity processes using specialized tools, effective data backup strategies, IT outsourcing and IT support. We serve companies located in Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, Brossard, Gatineau and elsewhere in Quebec. We also have an elite-level SWAT Team ready to respond to any emergency.


By downloading this report, you will discover:

  • Security self-assessment form;
  • 9 cybersecurity predictions 2022;
  • 3 phishing attack methods;
  • Real-life examples of phishing attempts received at ARS;
  • And more...


Anti-Phishing Report

(June 2022 edition)

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