Free yourself from the threat of a cyberattack

and stay focused on growing your business

Life has changed, now is not the time for your company to have to cope with the problems generated by a cyberattack. With Cyb3r-2020, we can help free you from worrying about your company’s security.

Seamlessly and confidently take advantage of this critical economic recovery period so as to fully capitalize on business opportunities.

500,000 interventions over 30 years with companies such as:

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Whether your infrastructure is local or Cloud-based…

We combine human analysis with artificial intelligence-based advanced technologies.

Cybersecurity Management Solutions


Victim of a Cyberattack?

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Cybersecurity management

  • Cyber monitoring (MDR-SIEM Solutions)
  • Intrusion detection management
  • Response following an incident
  • Protection of data against Ransomwares
  • Identification service
  • Dark Web monitoring and incident management

Posture assessment

  • Positioning of your corporate culture with regard to security
  • Vulnerability scanning (audits)
  • Phishing programs and training
  • Dark Web scanning
  • Architecture and implementation
  • Consultation

Strategic infrastructure management
and IT planning solutions


Network diagnostic and interventions

  • Incident management
  • Consultation (analysis and recommendations)
  • Optimization – Stabilization

Strategic IT-Business Plan

A plan aimed exclusively at SME managers who want a clear vision of their IT and to know where to invest for optimal results.



Infrastructure management
and network security

Concrete Peace of Mind

We take charge of your IT, both from a technical and management perspective. You will get more for your same money while avoiding useless expenses.

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As a business leader, I know that the availability of resources is important to you. At ARS, we are there when it counts and we take care of your environment as if it were our own. With us, you'll have peace of mind.

For me, technology should simplify your work and help your company reach its contribute to the achievement of a company’s business goals. My mission is to help business leaders achieve concrete results by taking a different approach to addressing technology differently from what is being done in the IT world today. Not to investing more, but invest differently, that is in IT services that will provide added such as investing in services that bring value to the company.

I work mainly with companies where technology plays a critical role, that is to say whose business results depend directly on their effectiveness. I understand the how importantce that IT is for businessesplays in business and their the impact on it can have in organizationsorganisations. This is why I have built a process That's why I built a process that allows me to guarantee 100% guarantee results when the recipe is followed.

Simon Fontaine, Président

What they’re saying about our computer services


Nowadays, we can work on large-scale projects with major contractors. ARS has made our systems extremely reliable. Bravo to the entire team, as Beauce-Atlas has evolved tremendously.”

Germain Blais President Beauce-Atlas 270 employees

ADS Inc.

“We called upon ARS, people whom we have confidence in, to take charge of our team. We have regained our peace of mind as we knew that we could depend on them to support us.”

Guy Bérubé, CA Vice President Operations and Chief Financial Officer ADS Inc. (Geotextiles) Over 300 employees

GLB Fire Protection

ARS helped us be much more productive. ARS is well worth knowing.”

Martin Bédard President and founder GLB Fire Protection Over 25 employees

SML Stainless Steel Group

“Technology is important to us in many respects. Our production must never stop. Our operations are very critical. We have not had any stoppages for many years, indeed since we have been working with you.”

Michel Pelletier President SML Stainless Steel Group Over 200 employees

ARS is 500,000 interventions in the business community for 30 years

For over 30 years, we have been helping business managers transform their technologies into profit generators and better exploit their potential so as to increase efficiency, productivity and performance. The result is a stable, secure and efficient environment which not only provides managers with peace of mind, but also greatly reduces their overall operational costs. $10,000 /hour is the average cost of a plant shutdown. At ARS, we understand this reality. Manufacturing company managers therefore turn to us so they can be 100 % operational and deliver their product to their clients on time. We provide them with long-term solutions to their IT problems and help then strategically plan their investments. We will help make sure that your IT is an active part of your growth, becomes a business lever and helps you reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

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