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The construction industry revolves around projects. We know what it's like to estimate a project’s cost and timeline before you start. This is also how we work!

Is this you?

  • Your projects are not as profitable as you’d like them to be due to unknown inefficiencies.
  • Your staff isn’t performing as well as you’d like.
  • You’re concerned about business continuity right now.
  • Some applications have a big impact on your business when they stop working.
  • Your IT environment is not keeping up with your company's growth.
  • You’re concerned about a potential cyber attack.
Entreprise Cybersécurité pour Construction

Is your IT infrastructure an additional issue?

The more you complete your projects on time and on budget, the more satisfied your customers are and the more profitable your business is. But that's easier said than done, especially when you're faced with...

Worksite inefficiency : ou spend 6 months to 3 years on your worksites, with systems and processes that isolate them from your core operations.

Staff inefficiencies : Your staff is doing mundane, repetitive tasks that make their job three times harder.

At ARS Solutions, we help construction companies by providing scalable and secure technologies. We believe it’s essential that leaders have the most appropriate technologies for their situation so as not to add another obstacle to their current issues and challenges. We help them solve their IT problems once and for all and strategically plan their investments, including those in cybersecurity.

Too often, projects are treated in silos and implemented in isolation without a global vision of the overall impact and without a tangible link to business objectives. Technology becomes a parallel world that is not aligned with the company’s challenges, regardless of the large investments made.

At ARS, we help you turn this situation around so that your IT can actively participate in your growth and help you achieve a higher level of efficiency and peace of mind.

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As your partner and IT consultant, ARS is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

your vulnerabilities

Reduce your vulnerabilities


Backup Strategy

Recovery Plans

Significantly reduce your risks

inefficiencies through process improvement

Eliminate inefficiencies

We optimize your IT infrastructure by integrating innovative and scalable solutions that will support your growth.

Promote your growth

strategic decisions

Make strategic decisions

We offer you a global vision of your IT assets and the investments that need to be made over the next 3 years, including cybersecurity.

Increase your IT ROI


best rated IT company in Quebec City


security incidents avoided in 2021


average reaction time

responses and projects across Quebec

Find out what our customers say about us...

« The efficiency gains are in the hundreds of hours!

Before we met with ARS, the frustration and time loss were mounting. We were experiencing slow network speeds and recurring problems that were hurting our users. We needed skilled people who could be relied upon to respond quickly to our requests.

Since we’ve been doing business with ARS, we’ve ...Read More

« The efficiency gains are in the hundreds of hours!

Julie Pilote
Les Constructions Bé-Con
Administratrice et propriétaire

« Since I’ve been with ARS, my life has changed for the better!

ARS is there when it counts! I’m able to have a holistic view of my IT infrastructure in order to reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

This allows me to focus on my other duties and grow my business.

ARS stands out for its approach to cybersecurity and its ability to act quickly ...Read More

« Since I’ve been with ARS, my life has changed for the better!

Mélissa Guay
Executive Vice President
Peintures Euroteck

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