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Taking charge • Quick and definitive resolution of your IT problems • Clear and non-technical explanations

For over 25 years, we have been helping business managers transform their technologies into profit generators and better exploit their potential so as to increase efficiency, productivity and performance.

The result is a stable, secure and efficient environment which not only provides managers with peace of mind, but also greatly reduces their overall operational costs.

At ARS, we guarantee you a stable environment, namely an operating rate above 99.95 % for your critical IT services such as ERP, CRM, emails, etc. Being proactive is at the heart of our business model, as we work with businesses where technologies play a critical role. They have suffered from slowness problems in the past as well as failures which their business ambitions cannot allow. Consequently, they have called upon ARS to stabilize their environment and provide them with peace of mind. Because being in reaction mode slows a company’s growth, the majority of our clients consider the investment to be money well spent.

At ARS, we are available whatever the situation, and we thrive on meeting challenges. Our objective is to make a difference. We take your interests to heart as if they were our own. We are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and more importantly, when it is most important for you.

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What Sets Us Apart

We provide a 100 % RESULTS GUARANTEE – a unique promise unique to ARS Solutions!

Does your IT partner provide definitive solutions to your intermittent issues and complex problems such as slowness and outages without saying each time that you need to change your equipment?

At ARS, we have always stood out due to our diagnostic abilities. We provide definitive solutions to failures and outages. Our ability to find the source of a problem and to solve it is based not only on technical tools and abilities, but also on the profiles and personalities of our individuals.

We act quickly following your emergency needs and provide a clear diagnostic of the situation to bring you back to a functional state.

We have put in place a CESA procedure (circumstances – effects – solutions – actions) which allows us to anticipate and effectively solve potentially perpetual problems, and to undertake the proper steps, in the right order, to solve them once and for all.

What They Say About Us

« We have greatly improved the stability and performance of our facilities…

The monitoring of our systems provides us with the proactivity we need to remain in control and frees up our time to devote to other projects.

We have greater peace of mind. Having our system analyzed greatly helped us and allowed us to see our strengths and weaknesses.

Following this wonderful experience with ARS, we have decided to implement the 2B.Back service. »


Alain Bédard
Information Systems Management Head
Bois de Plancher PG

« In 25 years, we have often avoided unnecessary expenses and have always maximized our investments.

We have been working with ARS for over 25 years. ARS has always made sure it was there at the right moment, available and accessible to support us both at our head office and our branch offices throughout the province, 24/7.

They have always been straight with us, be it in terms of network diagnostic or updating infrastructure. The thoughtful advice that ARS has often provided to us has often helped us avoid unnecessary expenses, meaning we have always maximized our investments. »


Daniel Binette
Magasins Korvette

« ARS’s in-depth appraisal highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of our computer environment..

ARS’s in-depth appraisal highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of our computer environment.

The report that we were provided with is clear, succinct and shows us very precisely what are the most critical points and what we must start with to rectify the situation. We have already begun implementing the recommendations and we can see a significant difference which is important to us. »


Nathalie Roussin
Immeubles Roussin

Our cycle of intervention

Quick, methodical work that’s not based on trial and error at your expense.

Listening to your needs
Identification of the cause of problems
Correction de la situation et retour à un état fonctionnel.

Secure Your peace of mind

Avoid paying for downtime and consider preventative action through our assessment of your network infrastructure..

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