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What a custom-developed application provides: greater efficiency and productivity, easier decision making and a greater return on investment…

  • Do you pay too much for solutions that aren’t adapted to your business needs?
  • Do your applications and software evolve at the same pace as your company?
  • Do they allow you to quickly access the information essential to your decision making?
  • Do you lose time manually entering your data?

If you’re experiencing one or more of these situations or need advice, fill out the form to the right of this page and receive 2 hours of consultation free of charge.

For over 20 years, we have been custom developing for manufacturing and professional services environments. We help managers fulfill their business ambitions by designing, developing and providing support for applications.

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What Sets Us Apart

A better return on investment. Custom development allows for more focus, to not pay for functionalities that you don’t need and to avoid delays and implementation costs. By directly targeting a development strategy better adapted to your business needs, you will receive a greater and faster return on investment.

Better employee productivity. By automating your processes, manual entries will be greatly reduced, thus eliminating the risk of error and promoting employee productivity and efficiency. They will be able to concentrate on tasks that really count for your company.

Better decision making. Our work will make your systems interconnected and in constant communication with your different departments and external logistics actors.

This real-time flow of information as well as the centralization of data will greatly facilitate decision making and will help coordinate the needs and availability of each element of the system in the most efficient way possible. This not only will help optimize your processes, but will also allow you to adapt to your clients’ requests and needs. A larger scale, personalized production will thus be possible.

What They Say About Us

« We have made a major leap in terms of efficiency and productivity…

We have made significant investments in our packaging system and wanted to evaluate our return on productivity.

The ARS team gave us the means to extract real-time production data which we couldn’t access before.

Now we can measure our performance, react quickly to correct things and set objectives that we can challenge.

By reducing manual entries, we have gained productivity and efficiency. The risk of error has been considerably reduced and the flow of information generated helps us with our decision making. »


Emmanuel Boudreault, CPA, CMA
Financial Controller
Extrudex Aluminium

« I am proud to see that, from a technological point of view, Beauce-Atlas is ahead of its competitors…

ARS has made our systems extremely reliable and presented us with solutions that have helped us increase our productivity. The plant and robotics-level development has not only helped us simplify our customs documents, but has also made them much more reliable and compliant, at lightning speed. After 5 years, we can say bravo to the ARS team as Beauce-Atlas has greatly evolved.

Today, we can work on large-scale projects with major contractors because we have a reliable system with a solid reputation among providers of work, engineering firms, customs officials, etc. We have gained efficiency.

Technology has always been a part of our company, but it is now more important than ever.


Germain Blais
Fabrication Beauce-Atlas

« ARS’s tailor-made solution has given us confidence and brought us peace of mind...

We were looking for a CRM system that would allow us to easily extract specific data and none of the software currently on the market fulfilled our specific needs. There was no longer any technical support available for our aging system and we didn’t have the source codes to be able to develop it further. We needed an innovative solution in line with our organisation.

ARS understood our needs and created a customized Cloud program, making it accessible both in office and to personnel on the road. Thanks to the reduction of manual requests and their automation, we have confidence in the data gathered. We are confident that our database is reliable – providing us with a significant gain in efficiency. Moreover, the risk of error has been reduced and decision making is easier.

Louyse Trudel

Louyse Trudel
Administrative Assistant to the General Management

Our Approach

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Search for and Implementation of Existing Software Solutions

We will help you find and implement the best solution for your business needs

Our approach :

  • Analyse and define the criteria according to your business needs
  • Ensure that the software integrates well into the infrastructure and that the environment remains stable and well-functioning
  • Create and present an estimate
  • Select the software suppliers
  • Provide you with support during the supplier presentations

Custom Development and System Interfaces

You will save time and increase your efficiency and productivity

If no existing application fits your company’s model, we can develop a solution which will fully meet your needs while respecting your budget.

Whether it be time management applications, production management applications or setting up your decision-making tools, we can make your ideas a reality. If you want to benefit from the advantages of an ERP, but without the costs that such a change involves, we can help you.

Companies often have several applications in place, developed over time by one or more people. It becomes difficult to keep track of, and be confident in, the data. We can help you optimize your systems, interconnect them and ensure that you can easily extract reliable reports, making decision making easier.

The existing solutions can be complex, expensive and rarely fulfill all of your needs. You often pay for functionalities that you don’t necessarily need and which are unnecessarily heavy for your system.

Choosing a custom-developed application is more effective, as it is adapted to your needs and business goals: :

  • Collecting data from the plant/production floor
  • Production monitoring
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Order management (buying/selling), billing, shipping…
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

Support for Existing Personalized Applications

So you no longer have to worry about it

You have the source codes, but nobody available to evolve your existing software solutions?

Our team can continue to evolve your personalized software without replacing everything.

For over 20 years, we have worked with Microsoft development technologies. If you have a solution developed using VB6, B.Net, C#.Net or even Microsoft Access and you no longer have any internal programmers or to supplement your team, we can help.

Migration and Optimisation of SQL Databases

Your systems will be better, more secure and more stable

Do you live with slowness? Do you have difficulty tracking down your data? There are numerous ways of optimizing access to your data. Let us help you! We will propose a clear strategy, in stages, allowing you to see exactly the time and costs involved. Your company will become more effective, your employees will be more efficient and satisfied with their work tools.

If your Access database keeps growing as your company does, migrating your data to a robust SQL solution will become a necessity. You can thus continuously increase the number of employees that can access your data. A Microsoft Access database is more appropriate for a small of simultaneous users. As the database becomes larger and the number of simultaneous users becomes greater, another alternative must be envisaged.

Here are 4 reasons why you should migrate your data from Access to SQL:

    1. More reliability and robustness in terms of security
    2. Less risk of data corruption and loss
    3. More maintenance flexibility
    4. Performance and speed

Optimizing your database will help you gain performance and productivity by giving your faster access to data. We can also update your SQL server’s version. We will conduct a series of laboratory tests and will set up a procedure. We assure you that the downtimes will be as short as possible.

Contact us for an analysis!

We will propose a plan structured according to your goals to make your project a success.

Statistics in Brief…


How will it revolutionize Québec’s manufacturing industry?


60 % increased productivity

40 % reduced running costs

42 % overall improvement in products

- BCG, « How robots will redefine competitiveness », September 2015

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