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Are you still managing and coordinating your IT even if you have hired an outside firm?

Do you have to run after progress reports on your work requests?

At ARS, we take care of the management and coordination of your IT, making sure that it is a success. We provide oversight and take the initiative. Our reason for being is to guide you so as to minimize your management and to advise you properly so you can make the right choices and invest strategically.

With ARS, you will avoid unnecessary expenses and receive greater results for the same IT budget. Download our report now for more information..

Welcome aboard!

At ARS, when a client signs on with us, the President personally takes charge of overseeing their file, supported by members of the team selected according to their areas of expertise. You therefore receive special guidance, called Onboarding, for a 3-month period, during which we get to know your environment, install our management tools, put in place an operating structure, secure and stabilize your environment, correct any bugs, etc.

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What Sets Us Apart

We solve your IT problems once and for all to give you peace of mind

Our business model is based on proactivity and strategy.
As we provide our clients with a 100% guarantee of results and promise over 99.95% availability time, we strive to be proactive with our advice so as to fulfill our promise of results.

At ARS, we specialize in the recovery of complex IT environments for SMEs. The work methods and tools that we have put in place combined with our continuous improvement process means we can serve our clientele with a maximum of efficiency and speed.

Our clients no longer have to manage or coordinate their IT as we take complete charge and oversight as well as dealing with all players in the case of issues involving several sub-contractors. Our value and recognition comes from acting as the leader of your IT department and making the difference for your company.

We know that you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to your IT and that you’re focused on your work. We take the initiative to always inform you of the progress of your file.

What They Say About Us

« We have seen an increase in efficiency which totals hundreds of hours!

Before meeting ARS, we were increasingly frustrated and wasting time. We had slowness issues in our network and recurring problems affecting our users. We needed competent people whom we could trust and that could quickly meet our needs.

Since we’ve started working with ARS, we’ve seen an increase in efficiency of hundreds of hours throughout our businesses as well as thousands of dollars in savings. This is besides a much better quality of life at work.

Our environment is stable, efficient and problems are solved more quickly. We have peace of mind because our systems are secure. »


Julie Pilote
Les Constructions Bé-Con
Administrator & Owner

« By gaining over 80 % in system stability, we have finally reached our cruising speed!

In our organisation, IT plays a crucial role. All our operations are connected to our IT systems, as we use less and less paper. Our IT environment must be stable and efficient in order for our employees to be able to work in an optimal fashion.

Before, not a week went by without an employee being stuck in front of a screen, waiting for a system that was too slow or unstable. Everything was fragile. Now, this is a thing of the past. Since ARS has taken over our IT, I have gained peace of mind. I can leave on vacation without worrying, which was not the case before. With ARS, I receive outstanding service, answers and quick resolution. They always offer me well thought out solutions because ARS knows our environment well. ” »


Louyse Trudel
Administrative Assistant to the General Management

« ARS continuously shows us that we receive value for the money we spend …

Here, IT is crucial for our organization to be able to function. Everything is computerized. I have 8,000 operations on the floor going on at the same time.

Working with ARS gives me peace of mind to be able to concentrate on my clients’ satisfaction. As well as having stabilized my environment, ARS gives me the vision I need to see into the future and be proactive.

I appreciate their professional approach and that things are done within budget ».


Cendrine Cartegnie

Our Approach to Managed Services


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Continuous Monitoring of your Systems security

Ensuring the continuity of your operations

The monitoring of your systems and backup processes allows us to anticipate any technical trouble that may appear on your network and to intercept any abnormal activity as well as maintain a good level of performance. To be effective and relevant, there must be CONTINUOUS monitoring by a person assigned to this task who spends time on this DAILY.

Even if your equipment is new, it needs regular maintenance and monitoring. Given the reliability of equipment, most breakdowns are not due to equipment failures but rather human error, cyberattacks, software compatibility, telecommunications…

Our monitoring tools conduct hundreds of tests every 5 minutes. They can intercept and analyse thousands of potential anomalies, which a human could never do.

ARS’ monitoring service will concretely help you to :

  • Reduce your overall operating costs by providing you with an efficient, secure and stable environment, maximizing your own efficiency;
  • Maintain a systems availability and operational time of over 99.95 %;
  • Have employees that are effective, efficient and satisfied with their work tools;
  • Avoid expensive blunders, break out of panic mode and thus avoid employee burnout;
  • Have peace of mind by benefiting from a team that takes the initiative and works for you day after day without you having to worry about it;
  • Be in control of your systems and know what you’re paying for.

A 4-Part Approach to System Maintenance

At ARS, we help our clients save up to 40 % on their overall IT budget. Stabilization and proactivity are key elements. If you have continuous problems, be it slowness or other things, your environment isn’t stable. It is therefore hard for you to demand efficiency from your employees as their work tools aren’t efficient.

It is imperative to perform regular updates and maintenance in order to keep the whole network functional, efficient and to prevent problems. Acting urgently always costs more. Employee productivity, as well as the company’s operations as a whole, are affected.

At ARS, our clients are kept informed of the state of their network, without having to worry about it. They receive daily and monthly verbal reports that we present to them along with our recommendations.

We follow up on and give reminders regarding important work to be carried out. Regular meetings are also planned throughout the year to review progress.

We guarantee a 99.95 % + rate of availability. Because being in reactive mode slows down company growth, the majority of our clients consider that the investment is worth it.

Click here to discover the Top 12 mandatory activities for keeping your network safe and efficient.

Backup Management

2B.Back does more than back up your data, it is an integral part of your contingency plan in the event of a disaster. It is the result of a process of reflection among our various departments and all levels of specialists.

We have reviewed all possible solutions both in terms of the software and hosting available on the market in order to offer your company a foolproof protection service.

2B.Back is the product of 300 hours of research and development. Designed for SMEs, the majority of our clients have had it installed and running on their systems for many years.

With 2B.Back, you choose where your data will be stored. Whether it’s in our data centre, one of your offices or even your president’s office, anything is possible!

More than a solution, 2B.Back is a contingency strategy that will enable you to:

  • Free you from everything involved in backup management
  • Ensure the continuity of your company with a solution that will get you up and running within a few hours in case of failure or major breakdown
  • Keep your data on site while having a continuous backup stored offsite, at the location of your choice
  • Be 100% in control of access to your data while knowing exactly where they are
  • Easily recover a file if needed within a few minutes
  • Choose the length of time that data will be kept (return to previous copies) according to your legal requirements

Technically speaking…

  • Service entirely managed and monitored by ARS
  • Encrypted data
  • Real-time synchronization and replication
  • Updates included
  • Personalized installation
  • Recovery possible on all types of equipment

Plan B in case your IT manager leaves

Don’t be caught unawares in case your IT manager is absent or leaves

Unfortunately, there are still too few companies that have a Plan B. The difficulty in finding and recruiting competent technical personnel should however show them that it is necessary.

7 essential elements to be put in place, as often your IT manager is the only one who has all the information: :

1. Make contacts! Maintain an updated list of potential candidates and have a supplier already involved in the process to be able to take over.

2. Have up-to-date documentation on your network and have it audited annually. Know where it is kept at all times and have 2 copies in hand in case it has not been saved or has been erased.

3. Share your documentation in real time with your supplier. There is specialized documentation software which aids in sharing information between your technical personnel and your supplier.

4. Involve your IT supplier in your maintenance work. Your supplier will thus be able to quickly and efficiently take over in case your IT manager leaves, until a new manager is hired.

5. Know where and how your data are backed up. An audit of your backup process is an indispensable tool to verify whether they have been properly backed up.

6.  Take the time to organize and store your software in a secure location. In a crisis situation, this will reduce the time it will take to restore everything, as well as everyone’s stress level.

7. Stay involved in your IT. If you have an internal IT manager, this is a given. Directives must come from management, even in the case of IT.

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