60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months.

- U.S’ National Cyber Security Alliance

The average price for small businesses to clean up after their businesses have been hacked stands at $690,000; and, for middle market companies, it’s over $1 million.

- Ponemon Institute

SMEs are more than ever being targeted by cybercriminals... Why? Being unsuspecting and often careless, they are often seen as easy prey by hackers. The year 2017 saw an exponential rise in cybercrime and it is becoming more and more sophisticated...

Small and mid-sized businesses are hit by 62 percent of all cyber-attacks, about 4,000 per day. And this number is growing rapidly, as more and more companies use the cloud, mobile devices and store information online. To counteract cybercrime-related threats, managers must more than ever put in place security measures adapted to their needs if they want to ensure continuity in their business. Unfortunately, small businesses often want to cut costs in areas such as security. Consequently, each dollar saved in this way will easily be surpassed in terms of costs and damaged reputation following a cyber attack.

So if you think you’re not at risk because you’re not a bank or a large company like Home Depot or JP Morgan, think twice! Nobody is safe.

What Sets Us Apart

Simon Fontaine has used his life experience over the last 15 years in Strategic IT-Business Planning to present entrepreneurs a different approach to security that is better targeted and more strategic.

What is valued by managers is quite subjective and each company has different things that need securing to ensure the continuation of their operations... Most security audits don’t fulfill the sought-after goals and are just “copy-and-paste”. Consequently, companies pay money for results that are not adapted to their needs and thus bypass their main objective which is to secure what is really important.


Discover how to secure what matters and eliminate unnecessary investments

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What They Say About Us

« We are able to ensure that our systems and data have a secure environment…

We carefully read Simon’s chapter and agree that computer security most be considered by all senior managers in order for it to be optimized and in line with our business objectives.

Following the establishment of our master plan as well as the outsourcing to the ARS team less than 5 years ago, we have managed to ensure a secure environment for our systems and data.

We are conscious of the fact that security is everyone’s responsibility. Communicating the issues to all employees is the key to maintaining an efficient environment that is available for our operations.


Germain Blais
Beauce Atlas


Serge Marcoux
Financial controller
Beauce Atlas

« I considers ARS to be among the major players in the IT industry…

I find Simon’s chapter to be excellent! It keeps us spellbound throughout. I am sure that it will pique the curiosity of business leaders.

Simon makes us question ourselves to see whether or not our systems really are secure.

I really liked the exercise proposed to the management committee and I intend to do it with Simon’s help to review our level of security.

I really enjoyed reading the chapter and the tool that was proposed.



Pier Veilleux
Turbo Images inc.

« What Simon’s chapter contains is very relevant and leads us to get back to basics…

I took the time to read the chapter that Simon wrote as part of the ‘’Easy Prey’’ project.

It makes us think about having a focus for each company depending on its operations.

Security is different for each one. I agree with the idea that, in this area, each case must be considered individually.

We have moreover undertaken these considerations with the ARS team ».


Roger Bergeron
Fromagerie Bergeron

Our approach in security


Personalized security audit

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Contingency and backup strategy with 2B.BACK

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Real-time antivirus management

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Real-time antispam management

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Custom security audit

An approach adapted to your business needs

On what element does the continuity of your company depend? Are you sure, beyond any doubt, that you have properly identified it and that it is truly secured? At ARS, we will help you target it why following IT security best practices. The essential information needing securing must first and foremost be provided by management and be clearly communicated to the auditor. Otherwise, it will not be taken into consideration. Not only will the audit be incomplete, but you risk paying for general, “copy-and-paste” solutions. The approach must remain simple while being consistent with your business needs.

Inspired by our experience over the last 15 years in Strategic IT-Business Planning, our management tool will help you extract the essential elements to be secured while evaluating their degree of criticality and the associated financial impact. It will become an important frame of reference for your organisation. It will also allow you to conduct a critical evaluation of the maintenance of the security processes in place, to avoid any confusion and to ensure that the person responsible is taking care of it. This table will ensure the success of this process.

The audit is a prerequisite for any securing process and will show the current state of your network’s security. According to best practices, you must conduct one security audit per year.

Our approach will help you to…

  • Identify what is most important to secure for your company
  • Know your financial risks related to your current level of security
  • Invest in the right places an avoid “copy-and-paste” solutions which miss your real needs
  • More easily manage maintaining the level of security while having a continuous monitoring tool for non-technical managers
  • Be certain of protecting the continuity of your company and have peace of mind

Our approach also takes into consideration best practices and includes…

  • Access authorization for the directories
  • Verification of security policies put in place
  • Taking into consideration the human component of security
  • Analysis of the security of your physical facilities
  • Antivirus check and web filtering
  • Domain security strategy
  • Wireless access point
  • Intrusion tests
  • Observation report and recommendations

Our operating cycle


2B.BACK – Contingency and backup strategy

2B.Back does more than back up your data, it is an integral part of your contingency plan in the event of a disaster. It is the result of a process of reflection among our various departments and all levels of specialists.

We have reviewed all possible solutions both in terms of the software and hosting available on the market in order to offer your company a foolproof protection service.

2B.Back is the product of 300 hours of research and development. Designed for SMEs, the majority of our clients have had it installed and running on their systems for many years.

With 2B.Back, you choose where your data will be stored. Whether it’s in our data centre, one of your offices or even your president’s office, anything is possible!

More than a solution, 2B.Back is a contingency strategy that will enable you to…

  • Free you from everything involved in backup management
  • Ensure the continuity of your company with a solution that will get you up and running within a few hours in case of failure or major breakdown
  • Keep your data on site while having a continuous backup stored offsite, at the location of your choice
  • Be 100 % in control of access to your data while knowing exactly where they are
  • Easily recover a file if needed within a few minutes
  • Choose the length of time that data will be kept (return to previous copies) according to your legal requirements

Technically speaking…

  • Service entirely managed and monitored by ARS
  • Encrypted data
  • Real-time synchronization and replication
  • Updates included
  • Personalized installation
  • Recovery possible on all types of equipment

Real-time antivirus management service

To no longer have to worry about it

As hackers use more and more sophisticated methods, tighter management of security has become an absolute necessity.

ARS’s managed service – 2B.UP Bitdefender – ensures real-time protection and daily management of updates so you no longer have to think about them.

A virus that is not intercepted can remain dormant on your systems. And when activated, what damage it can cause...

By quickly taking charge of the situation, you can take immediate action. And even if an antivirus were to deactivate on one of your workstations or a virus were to infiltrate your network, we would be able to act within minutes as we conduct real-time monitoring. If your current antivirus misses too many threats, it is high time to act and think of another solution. What are they really detecting?

*Integrated into the 2B.UP monitoring system.
*Possibility of buying the solution or obtaining it as part of a management service.

Conducted in real time, the antivirus service managed by ARS will help you…

  • Ensure the continuity of your operations and the productivity of your users while protecting your data and your environment by quickly intercepting potential threats and through immediate action by ARS
  • Have tighter internal control of your security without having to spend your time on this
  • Be assured that it is being cared for by a specialist and have peace of mind, knowing that we are protecting your environment as if it was our own

Technically speaking…

  • Private ARS cloud, located at our Quebec offices
  • Daily management of updates, reception by ARS of alerts and management of the centralized antivirus console
  • No management console to be installed at the client
  • High performance and real-time protection
  • Solution highly recommended on the market
  • Uniform protection known for its reliability and effectiveness
  • User-friendly management

Antispam Management - Cloud Service

An element of your contingency plan

Email is a favourite point of entry for hackers. Not only do you need to prevent threats from coming in, but you need to prevent you data from going out.

Our antispam solution has very effective and easy-to-use incoming and outgoing protection. Further, thanks to its unmatched flexibility in terms of deployment, it adapts itself perfectly to your environment.

Conducted in real time, the ARS-managed antispam service will help you to…

  • Reduce down times and maintain your personnel’s productivity without losing time by having an effective antispam filtering service which responds reactively to new spam threats and which blocks undesirable bulk or inappropriate email
  • Reduce the risk for your organisation from phishing and having to pay ransoms. By sensitizing your internal personnel to not open these emails coupled with dynamic antispam management, you will significantly reduce the risks to your company
  • Have tighter internal control of your security without having to spend your time on this
  • Be assured that it is being cared for by a specialist and have peace of mind, knowing that we are protecting your environment as if it was our own

  • 24/7 monitoring of antispam equipment
  • Upgrading of equipment when required
  • Management of equipment by ARS and included in the contract
  • Diagnostic of anomalies
  • Correction of anomalies if problems come from ARS’s antispam service
  • Management of statistics


  • Monitoring of the service
  • Adjustments to filtering configurations depending on your company’s specific reality and needs
  • Solution renowned in the industry and efficient
  • No equipment located in your offices for the cloud solution
  • You only pay for the annual subscription
  • Possibility of having a local-based solution

*On site or cloud

Cyber Security Statistics

  • 94 % of companies suffering from catastrophic data loss do not survive.  43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years.  (University of Texas)
  • 49 % of data breaches are caused by malicious or criminal attacks, and 19 percent are related to employee error.. (Ponemon Institute’s)

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