Strategic IT Plan

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« We have improved our productivity and in 3 years have saved 40% on our IT budget! »

Serge Marcoux, CPA, CMA - Financial Controller, Fabrication Beauce-Atlas


Put an end to mistakes, bad purchases, budget overages and projects that do not fulfill their promises...

Do you want to make the best technological choices according to your business goals? Do you want to invest in high value added projects for your business?

Vous voulez investir dans les projets à plus haute valeur ajoutée pour votre entreprise?

IT planning allows you to:

  • Prioritize your investments effectively;
  • Meet your business goals;
  • Balance your budget.

« Technology should help you meet your business goals. It’s not a question of investing more, but differently. If the client follows the plan, we 100 % guarantee results, or its free »

- Simon Fontaine, president


with Simon Fontaine,
President of ARS Solutions
and IT business coach

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*Exclusive offer for companies with 30 or more users.
Requires the involvement of at least one member of senior management during the meeting.

What Sets Us Apart

We transform your technologies into engines of growth!

With our strategic IT-Business plan, it’s not a question of investing more, but differently! We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your IT so as to ensure that it is better able to meet your business ambitions, issues and challenges

You’ll know where to invest, how and why with a more global vision. You will thus obtain the best cost/benefit ratio. You will have a very precise plan of investments to make spread out over 3 years.

We have built a process that allows us to 100 % GUARANTEE RESULTS when you follow the recipe, or you don’t pay a cent. Using specific tools, we will propose a plan based on targeted, measurable indicators adapted to your reality. Thus, we eliminate the risk to you of implementing technologies that will not provide you with tangible results.

Each amount invested in IT will help to grow your business and propel it towards meeting its goals since your technology projects will be perfectly aligned with your business plan.

If you want to succeed, it is much better to be guided by those who have successfully made the trip rather than by following the advice of someone who has merely read the map. Over the last 27 years, ARS has conducted nearly 500,000 interventions across Québec with businesses like yours.


Transforming your IT into a profit generator while saving 40 % on your budget

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What They Say About Us

« I am proud to see that, from a technological point of view, Beauce-Atlas is ahead of its competitors…

ARS has made our systems extremely reliable and presented us a Master Plan with a 3-to-5-year outlook. We had steps and a structure to follow. After 5 years, we can say bravo to the ARS team as Beauce-Atlas has greatly evolved.

Today, we can work on large-scale projects with major contractors because we have a reliable system with a solid reputation among providers of work, engineering firms, customs officials, etc. We have gained efficiency.

Technology has always been a part of our company, but it is now more important than ever.” »


Germain Blais

« I give ARS’ IT-Business plan 9/10! I know what projects will provide a value add to my business and those that will not…

I avoided certain expenses, I differed others. The ARS team is very attentive to the relevance of IT investments by its clients. I know exactly when, how and why to invest. I have everything I need to strategically manage my IT budget according to my growth needs. This helps me have a vision, to be proactive and to make good decisions.

Strategic Business-IT Planning with ARS is a complete exercise and not just an IT Plan that fills two pages. I want to facilitate my business’ growth and have peace of mind regarding this.

For me, ARS is a growth partner! »


Pier Veilleux
Turbo Images inc.

« I like what I see in the IT-Business plan provided to us by ARS.

The strategy that it contains will enable us to meet our technological challenged to better fulfill our business needs without investing enormous sums.

We have all the answers to our questions and we are ready to move forward with a technological change that meets our reality.

I am very satisfied! »


Claude Poitras
V.-P. finances et associé
Les Industries Amisco Ltée


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