Managed Services

Get the most out of your IT and your budget

"It is how a company uses technology efficiently and by the quality of its infrastructure that a company increases its performance and competitiveness. Not by the acquisition of hardware and software (CEFRIO / HEC, November 2012).”

At ARS, we help you optimize your environment, making it more stable and efficient to increase the performance and productivity of your workforce through various forms of managed services.
Whether you need a full or partial management of infrastructure, secure your corporate data through better management of your backups and your antivirus, proactive monitoring of your systems or technical support...

ARS will be able to give your organization the best solution in your current context.

You will use your existing technologies and your IT budgets without necessarily having to make software and hardware acquisitions.

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Through strategic managed services, ARS can help you achieve your goals:

  • Improve the stability and performance of your systems and maintain them in the long-term.
  • Eliminate recurring problems and delays by fixing them at the source permanently.
  • Secure your system and protect your corporate data.
  • Avoid technology becoming a money pit, resulting in reduced recurring costs.
  • Bring a level of proactivity in which you aspire and that you had never thought possible
  • Help you get ahead of your competition by being more efficient and productive.

And most importantly, giving you peace of mind by having a partner available and accessible when you need it most and ensuring rigorous follow up.

Services in a private cloud: - Backup management - Management of antivirus - Monitoring

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